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Xiao Tangqiu did not know what the people were going to do, and could not help staring at them for a while, but saw the people standing in front of the statue and closing their eyes, as if they were praying, and then a light came out of the statue's eyes and shone on them.

Xiao Tangqiu did not know what the people were going to do, and could not help staring at them for a while, but saw the people standing in front of the statue and closing their eyes, as if they were praying, and then a light came out of the statue's eyes and shone on them. And then they disappeared. Xiao Tangqiu looked dumbfounded, one side of Tang Mianmian also opened his mouth wide: "lying trough!"! What is that? They They Disappeared?! "It's just a transport array. Don't make such a fuss." A slightly cold female voice sounded, Xiao Tangqiu subconsciously turned to look, then saw a woman in black tights slowly walked up to him. This woman is tall, has a strong figure and beautiful facial features. She can be regarded as a beautiful woman in reality, but her eyes are very old and her face is a little tired: "In the city of the abyss, there are many things you can imagine and can't imagine. Anything incredible can happen. Don't be surprised. You will get used to it soon.." Just like us. Tang Mianmian finally escaped death, suddenly saw a big beauty, immediately staring at people straight up, eyes are almost falling out. Xiao Tangqiu finally realized the biggest difference between the newcomers and the old players. Take Tang Mianmian as an example. Although he was frightened, his eyes were still shining with the glimmer of hope. But this woman in black, although she reacted calmly, seemed to be completely unaffected by the copy world, but her expression and eyes were somewhat numb.. Those old players who climb out of the white cylinder have different expressions, but their eyes are all the same numbness. He looked at the woman in black warily. "Who are you?"? Where is the city of the abyss? He doesn't believe that there are people in this place who show kindness to him for no reason. The woman in black smiled. "Don't you already know where the city of the abyss is?"? This is the city of the abyss, as for my identity. You already know me. Xiao Tangqiu was stupefied for a moment. "Yan Yiyan?" Although this woman in black looks completely different from Yan Yiyan, since she said that anything incredible could happen here. That whole face is nothing, right? The woman in black sighed and reached out to touch her thick hair. "I almost forgot to mention-dear rookies,naringenin price, welcome to the abyss!" Xiao Tangqiu was stunned in the same place as if he had been struck by lightning. Tang Mianmian, who was beside him, finally reacted and immediately cried out: "lying down!"! Are you Luo Mansu?! The big bald guy with the big gold chain! Is it amazing or disillusioned that a big bald head suddenly becomes a beautiful woman? Tang Mianmian's expression was a little distorted. He asked the woman in black in a daze: "So you are.." Big bald head or. Little Bald Donkey. Xiao Tangqiu also thought seriously: "Is there a difference between the two?" The woman in black smiled and said, "Let me introduce myself formally. My name is Su Manluo, the strong man in Area A, the captain of the Thorn Team, and everything in the previous copy." You can regard it as my new test for you. Now, as captain, I formally invite you to join our thorns team. Chapter 28 A strong man in area A? Team Thorns? Countless question marks flashed through Xiao Tangqiu's brain in an instant. Without waiting for him to open his mouth, Su Manluo seemed to see his question. She smiled and said, "I know you must have a lot of questions to ask. It's not suitable to stay here for a long time. Let's talk while walking." Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian looked at each other, turmeric extract powder ,turmeric extract powder, anyway they have no better choice now, then follow Su Manluo to go. Su Manluo led the two men to the exit of the square, explaining as he walked: "This is the transport square. Players enter the copy from here, and come back from the copy. By the way, the copy is what we call those tasks, and the players are what we call those people.." This world is actually similar to the game, we players through the constant task of Daguai upgrade stronger and stronger, but this game does not have a resurrection point to let you rebirth, once dead, is really dead. ” Xiao Tangqiu frowned slightly. "Those who suddenly disappeared just now were Jin.." A copy? "No, they are transported into the main city, to enter the copy through those white transport cabins, that is, those over there," Su Manluo pointed to the white cylinders and wrote lightly, "but in fact, once the time is up, no matter where you are, you will be transported directly into the copy, but the old players will choose the transport cabin to enter the game, because the transport cabin can play a protective role. Of course, once you enter the dungeon, you are transported with your body, but when you are transported back from the dungeon, there will be a period of weakness, especially after being injured, the more serious the injury in the dungeon is, the longer the weakness will be. If you've ever made enemies of others, your enemies can use your weak period to attack you, but if you have a transporter pod, you can spend your weak period in it until your body adjusts to its best condition before leaving. Xiao Tangqiu suddenly realized, no wonder he had just been in a coma for a period of time, or Tang Mianmian woke him up, originally because he was injured in the copy. He subconsciously touched the place where he had been injured, only to find that he had recovered as usual. No matter how many injuries you have suffered in the copy, even if you have broken hands and feet, as long as you still have a breath,phycocyanin spirulina, you can be repaired when you come back here. "Su Manluo saw Xiao Tangqiu's movements and smiled slightly." Even those who were missing arms and legs in the real world can become the same as normal people when they come here.. Isn't that amazing? But there are many magical places here. Xiao Tangqiu gave a dry laugh and said to himself, "This setting is not unusual at all. It's all rotten on the street." Well, "What is Area a you just said?" 。