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"All right." Yang Yun know wandering has nearly one billion cash, also no longer go to stop wandering to buy a car, so much money to buy any car can.

"All right." Yang Yun know wandering has nearly one billion cash, also no longer go to stop wandering to buy a car, so much money to buy any car can. 4S car sales lady, one by one are very enthusiastic, although vagrant and Yang Yun's clothes are very general, but these long-term sales people, which one is not like a fox. Even if these two people will not necessarily buy a car, but there is still a sales lady immediately rushed to introduce. Although these two people do not look very rich, but they are still carrying a variety of brand-name clothing bags, no matter what is inside, but there is always a bit of style. There was once an old farmer who bought a BMW with a snakeskin bag on his back, which no one in the industry did not know. The most taboo in sales is to look at people through colored glasses. Although the coefficient of these two people buying cars is not particularly high, but several car sales ladies are still very enthusiastic to come. However, the three people who came over immediately left the two people, because there were two men and women with famous brands behind them, who had a higher coefficient of buying cars, so except for the nearest young lady who went to the front of the vagrant, the other two people all went to the two men and women who came later. What kind of car do you want to buy, sir? The sales lady who went to wander smiled sweetly. Although she also saw that the two people who came from behind had a bigger coefficient of buying a car, one of them had come here, and the other was that her two colleagues had gone to receive her warmly. Well,carnosic acid price, I want to buy one at random. Wandering said casually. Buy one at random? This sales lady is a little stupefied, if you buy tens of thousands of cars, here is really not, the cheapest are hundreds of thousands of cars. But immediately felt that there was a problem with his attitude, hurriedly added, "Why don't you two sit down first, I'll help you pour a glass of water, and then introduce it in detail?" The attitude of the sales lady was good,pumpkin seed extract, but the vagrant frowned and said, "No, you take me directly to the garage to have a look, I see that car, I want to show the car.". I don't want to waste time. Hearing the words of the vagrant, not only the car sales lady who was talking to the vagrant was stunned, but also the two men and women who came in from behind and the two car sales ladies were stunned. This man is so arrogant to buy a car. His tone is so loud. If you see a Bentley casually, will you take it casually. However, the tone of others is a matter of others, this later two people just took a look at the ordinary clothes of vagrants and Yang Yun, and continued to listen to the two sales ladies to advocate. So.. All right, sir, please come with me. The sales lady agreed to the vagrant's request. Let's go and see it, too. A man and a woman who came to buy a car in the back seemed to think it was a good idea when they saw the vagrant and Yang Yun going directly to see the car. The two men also discussed it, refused to sit down and drink coffee, rosmarinic acid supplement ,stesweet stevia, and went straight to the garage inside. This car shop is really not small in scale, and the cars of various grades and brands in the garage are very complete. Wandering, let's buy one at random. Anyway, we don't use it very often. Although Yang Yun feels that vagrancy is very rich, it is a bad habit to spend money indiscriminately. Car sales lady listened to a happy, she originally thought that these two people are just the same as before, just go, since this woman said so, no matter buy good or bad, must be to buy, indicating that this business should be almost. Sister Yun, what do you think of this one? Wandering points to a blue Porsche 9. It's not bad, but the car you're referring to should be a woman's car. Yang Yun also feels that this car is very beautiful, and the smooth lines make people feel very comfortable. Then this car needs top configuration to help me complete the formalities of the car as quickly as possible. The vagrant listened to Yang Yun's words and nodded, and immediately said to the car sales lady. What Car sales lady almost stunned, these two people came in less than a minute, the car was chosen, what speed is this? A few people who followed behind were stunned. This man bought a 3 million sports car without even asking the price. What kind of person is this? The vagrant listened to the car sales lady's words and frowned again. But the car sales lady finally understood, hurriedly said, "OK, please give me your ID card, you wait a moment, I will do it right away.". It's just that the top configuration of this car needs 2860000. ” "Well, hurry up and do it for me." The vagrant took out a bank card and asked for Yang Yun's ID card. All right The lady who sells the car has already ignored the panic and collected the money. She had never seen a person who bought a car so readily, but she also saw that this person was a person who did not like procrastination. Only then did Yang Yun react and hurriedly went to the wandering side and said, "Wandering, why do you want to ask me for my ID card?"? And how do you buy a car to buy a woman's car? I thought you were going to buy that Mercedes. "Sister Yun, I don't drive. I bought it for you. I'll just take your cheap car in the future." The vagrant saw that the speed of the car sales lady was not bad, so he sat with Yang Yun and waited. Wandering, I want to warn you, don't always call me Yun Jie, or everyone knows I'm older than you at the reunion. Is it an honor to be older than you? Yang Yun said a white look at the vagrant, suddenly'burst out laughing. This is the first time she has joked with a man like this since her divorce. All right, Xiao Yun. Yun? Yun.. At the end of the wandering, he repeated the word Yun several times, as if he wanted to remember something again. Yang Yun heard the last call her Yun, a little fever on her face, did not expect this wandering or a very romantic person, but why he called himself Yun, and why he bought so many things for himself. I have nothing to do with him. How can I want these things? But Yang Yun immediately stopped thinking, she found that wandering is not right, although he just called'Yun ', there is no gentle light in his eyes, but very painful thinking about what, frowning more and more tight, and even sweat oozing from the forehead. Yang Yun immediately rushed to the front of the vagrant, hugged his arm and said anxiously, "vagrant,best green coffee bean extract, you don't think too much, don't think too much, you don't scare me.." 。 prius-biotech.com