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"No!"! How can I be afraid! I already have the strength to command, but will I be afraid of this fool of unknown origin?

"No!"! How can I be afraid! I already have the strength to command, but will I be afraid of this fool of unknown origin? Romario gave himself a pep talk and soon regained his confidence. Uh! That's him. Ben Lei nodded. It also sensed that the breath on Hua Yun's body had changed and become stronger. Hua Yun sent Ben Lei back to the Naga Five Sisters and said to the Naga Five Sisters and the Duke of Thunder, "You take good care of Ben Lei, and take this for Ben Lei." With that, he took out a bottle of faint blue liquid and threw it to the five Naga sisters. Chapter 452 strong attack. Adilis, the eldest of the five sisters, looked confusedly at the blue in her hand and frowned. The bottle of blue liquid was so familiar that she seemed to have seen it somewhere, but she couldn't remember it for a moment. Confused to be confused, Atilis still gave Hua Yun the faint blue liquid to help Ben Lei to take down. After the entrance of the faint blue liquid, Ben Lei bared his teeth bitterly, which showed that the taste of this thing was really not very good. Suddenly! There was a faint blue light on the surface of the running thunder, and under the influence of these lights, the injuries on its body were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye. And the broken bones are also recovering rapidly. This is Roosevelt, the Duke of Thunder, suddenly remembered something and said in surprise, "God's liquid!"! This is the divine liquid. No wonder will be some familiar,fenugreek saponins, the original Huayun actually gave the God liquid. Roosevelt, the Duke of Thunder, knew about the divine liquid because he had used it. He was very clear about the wonderful use of the divine liquid, and even if he had used only one drop, he had benefited a lot. In addition to the effect of auxiliary promotion, Tianshen Liquid is also the best medicine for rapid recovery of injuries. Hua Yun actually used a bottle to save Ben Lei. This made Roosevelt,saw palmetto extract, the Duke of Thunder, feel a little heartache. I really don't know where Hua Yun got back this divine liquid. The most important thing is, what happened after Hua Yun fell into the turbulence? Strength unexpectedly transformed, so that the Duke of Thunder Roosevelt can not see the existing strength of Huayun. Suddenly! There is a fiery red energy in the space. See, Romario has come to the front of Hua Yun, no superfluous words, he fiercely toward Hua Yun chest to grab. The speed was so fast that no one could see it clearly. Suddenly, the fiery red energy around the space was pulled over. With a sound, the fiery red energy all over the sky turned into a towering flame, which gathered in the hands of Romario at a very fast speed. Turbulence seems to be pulled by this terrible energy, wild boiling up. Even Aili and others who were far away from the platform felt that the heat was pressing, ghana seed extract ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, and they could not help carrying energy to resist the heat wave. What a terrible strength. So this is the real strength of Romario. Ai Li and others changed color one after another. Just now Romario killed the eight spiritual terrace masters in one fell swoop without using all his strength. Now. Do your best. There is such a horror. Ai Li and others looked at Hua Yun worriedly. Can he catch the blow? Hua Yun showed his strength at the beginning. Eli et al. Are clearly. Although only the strength of the peak of the true God. But it is no less than a master of the spirit terrace. Even if Hua Yun can fall into the turbulence, he will not die. That just means that Hua Yun is lucky. It does not prove the strength of Huayun. Commander. In the sub-divine order, it is high above the masses. The three leaders of the sub-divine world have existed for a long time. There have been many masters at the peak of the control level who have challenged them. Can't replace it. You can imagine how strong the unified territory is. Aili is a trusted follower of the Ice King. There is a certain understanding of the terror of commanding strength. Once, Ellie asked the Ice King, with the strength of the Ice King to control the peak of God's rank, why not challenge Abrody to take over. At that time, the ice king only said a word, then let Ai Li give up the idea. I've seen Abrody take command, and he once used one hand to destroy three of the top players in the attack with just one move. With one hand, just one move will destroy the sneak attack of the three control God rank peak of the master. The strength of the ice king, at most, can only deal with two masters at the peak of the level of God control at the same time. Like Abroditong, the Ice King could not use one hand to destroy the three top masters of the control level of the sneak attack. At least, not in my lifetime. After reaching the level of strength of the ice king, it is very difficult to go further, and it is almost difficult to reach the sky. As for the Lord God, that is only a matter of legend. So far, I have never heard of any main God. And the main God, in the view of Aili and others, is just a legend. As for the more distant God emperor, it is extremely ethereal, it is hard to say whether there is. Not only Ellie, but also the four brothers of Wind Kill and Caddo all know the horror of the command. Even Romario, who has just become a leader, is at least above the level of God control. Can Hua Yun defeat the commander? Aili and others already have the answer in their hearts, it's too difficult. "Die!" Romario grabbed Huayun's chest with one claw, and when his hand was embedded in Huayun's skin, Romario smiled. This move but used his 80% strength, in front of Hua Yun even if not dead also waste. Boom! The unusually hot flame energy erupted on Huayun's chest, shaking the platform below into countless pieces, while Huayun was swallowed up by the flame energy. This is a commanding flame, not an ordinary flame. Close to the transparent flame, burning on the body of Hua Yun. Even the debris of the platform below was burning. Ha ha ha Romario, who felt Huayun's breath weakening and withdrew his hand, laughed wildly. Fight with me, you are still very young. So what if you really reach the level of God control? I am the commander,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, and no one can beat the commander. You are no exception! You are as stupid as your little beast. Ha ha ha Romario continued to laugh wildly. Hua Yun! Romario didn't take it seriously. Even if Hua Yun reaches the level of God control, so what? Romario doesn't think Huayun has the strength to beat himself. Commander, that is the existence above the peak of the control of God. prius-biotech.com