The Peerless Myth of Online Games [Complete Version]

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"Ah, I'm sorry, brother Xiaoyao!" Hua Yu looked at himself and threw himself on Xiaoyao. He blushed and stood up immediately.

"Ah, I'm sorry, brother Xiaoyao!" Hua Yu looked at himself and threw himself on Xiaoyao. He blushed and stood up immediately. Xiaoyao looked around. Five people were all here. The dragon, the misty, the poor man, the peerless and the duckling, all looked at themselves worriedly. A warm current rose in his heart. You don't have to worry about me. It's just a little injury and a little loss of strength. "Hum, how dare you say that?"? How dare you not come back for such a long time. Just now it was because I was worried for a moment, but now when I saw that Xiaoyao was all right, the duckling's anger came up and he said angrily. Hey, can't you be a lady? How to say I am a sick person now! "It's none of your business whether I'm a lady or not. Tell me where I've been all this time and I haven't even returned a message." When he spoke, he stuck his waist in. He was really a Tigress. Ah, he had a lovely face. How did he grow? "Well, sister, let Xiaoyao have a rest first. If you have something to ask later, ~ thanks to Xiaoyao and Tianxiao today, otherwise our guild will not exist." "I'll just sit here and have a rest, but how did you get into trouble with the people of the World Society?"? And get to the point of starting a battle? "It's very simple. Some time ago, a group of people from all over the world practiced around our guild. As a result, they not only occupied our place but also killed our people. Later, we went to kill their people. Later, it was out of control. That's it." "Well, that's the way it is." This kind of thing Xiaoyao but very understanding, at the beginning in Chang'an city to see the world will be that bad behavior, did not expect to even their friends are in trouble. But Xiaoyao,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, we're really curious. Where have you been? "I was in Shennong Island before the game was updated, and then I entered Wudang to practice. As soon as I came out, I saw the message of Huayu, and then I came over." "What?"? Shennong Island? Did you go to Shennong Island? You are not afraid of death, there are 80 to 90 levels of strange, is the first big danger area! Feng Hua shouted loudly. Well, it's really dangerous there, and I almost died there, but how do you know so well? Have you been there,jujube seed powder, too? "Well, since the game was updated, someone found it there, and after the news spread, everyone was shocked. Therefore, several big guilds organized their members to fight monsters, but when they arrived on the island, they met a monster like Tyrannosaurus Rex and a huge snake. The people who went there did not stick to five minutes and all died." "Oh, you met Tyrannosaurus and Floret!" As soon as Xiaoyao heard it, he knew that they had met two gods and beasts to protect the island. He could only blame them for their bad luck. What happened to the two strongest monsters on the island. Volume 2 Chapter 12 Artifact Evolution Super Artifact (Words in this chapter: 2335) Tyrannosaurus Rex? Floret? What is that thing? A dragon asked curiously. Tyrannosaurus Rex is the monster like Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Xiaohua is the snake. I lived with them all the time when I was in Shennong Island. Thanks to their help in finding herbs, I was able to refine many elixirs. You live with them? Didn't they kill you? "Oh, it's almost!" Xiaoyao recalled the situation at that time and told them all over, and the eyes of the people did not continue to doubt. Really admire you, even such a thing can be encountered, by the way, you said that refining a lot of elixirs, there is nothing good? Do you have something that can increase internal force? The dragon smirked. At the beginning, ghana seed extract ,akba boswellic acid, he said that if he met Xiaoyao, he would blackmail him. Now he began to take practical action. There are things that increase internal force, but they are all temporary. "Said, took out a blue Dan medicine," this is, eat can temporarily in ten minutes internal force effect increase twice, ten minutes later will be restored to the original form, I call it Zengyuan Dan. " Is there really such a good thing? That's great, although it's temporary, but if it's used to play BOSS, it's better. Ten minutes, if the internal force really doubles the effect, then even if you meet a super big BOSS, you have enough strength to escape. "At that time, I made an elixir to permanently increase internal force, but it was made at random, and then I couldn't practice it." Xiaoyao really lost that elixir, otherwise it's still a question whether he can practice his nameless mind method to half of the first layer. What else is good? Why don't you take a look at it? If a lot of words, we can also take to the auction, Wahaha ~ I believe this thing will sell well. Asked the poor man, seeing that they did not understand. "I didn't think he was a miser." Let me see. Xiaoyao took out the furnace, went to the table, poured out the furnace, and all the things inside were poured out, and some of the things on the table fell down. Wow ~ so much, sent, sent! Poor two eyes shine to say, pick up a Dan medicine to rub on the face, how to look how to feel this Dan medicine is his child. You take out what you need to use here, and sell what you don't need to take to the auction house. The effects of these pills are divided into several categories, including increasing attack, increasing defense, increasing movement speed, and some blood pills that are better than the store. As for what else I don't remember, oh, by the way, I'll take out five Zengyuan pills to laugh at the sky. As soon as Xiaoyao said this, he immediately sat down on one side, because when he just took the God Furnace, he accidentally saw that the God Furnace had been upgraded, and now he immediately looked at its attributes carefully, Nine Turn God Furnace (Super Artifact): infinite space, can extract all items, can fuse equipment (can only fuse the same type of equipment), the probability is 60%, attack: 300, defense: 400. Five Elements Attack: 200, Five Elements Defense: 200, Not Tradable, Not Dropping, Not Damaged. Home ~ actually upgraded to a super artifact, attributes than the previous artifact up a stage, but also added an equipment fusion function, this is too exaggerated, right? Xiaoyao thought to himself,pumpkin seed extract, of course, how to think is not such an upgrade method, excited oneself really want to take it a good kiss.