Baisha Wharf of Chongqing Character

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But the fake monk is not in his dormitory. The other monks said he came back late. The Eighth Elder Martial Brother was very surprised.

But the fake monk is not in his dormitory. The other monks said he came back late. The Eighth Elder Martial Brother was very surprised. Didn't the monk have very strict discipline? Even if Lu Zhishen is in Wutai Mountain, he will still be controlled. Old Deng seemed to remember, saying that this man did not really belong to yuantong Temple, and always liked to go out drinking or something. The Eighth Elder Martial Brother laughed and said, "It seems that there are flower monks in any Dynasty.". He had to give up and go back to the regiment's station. In the performance the next night, the Eighth Elder Martial Brother seemed to go mad. First I heard that the tickets were not selling well. But it seems to be more than 50%. Although everyone was a little unhappy, they thought that maybe as long as the first performance was a great success, the next few performances might be better. So they are still riveting their strength. But as the performance was about to begin, the Eighth Elder Martial Brother, who may be the youngest chief violinist in the country, had a sudden idea to open the middle of the curtain and look into the hall. This look is like being given there. The conductor was already standing on the podium. Seeing him like this, he couldn't help getting angry and said, "Hey, are you crazy?"? What do people look like to you from outside? The Eighth Elder Martial Brother is still not moving. The conductor gave him a tap on the ass with his baton. The Eighth Elder Martial Brother suddenly lost his temper. He drew back and shouted, "No one has a ball. What is it like?"? Then a few more musicians opened the curtain and peeped. And then gasp. Less than 30% of the audience. The conductor knocked on the stage and said that since he wanted to perform, he wanted to perform, even if there was only one person. Everyone sat lazily in their seats. "But the Eighth Elder Martial Brother laughed back and shouted," Who would like to sit in my seat? " "Hey, Liu San, your talent has been unrecognized for a long time, you come, you come to sit in the first place!" Liu San was sitting in the last row of the first violin group,jujube seed powder, but he was the only one on the music platform, so he was particularly lonely, and he felt a little overqualified. In fact, this guy is quite good in business. In terms of skill and sense of music, he is not necessarily not as good as the Eighth Elder Martial Brother. It's just that he almost has the so-called chief quality. It's hard to cooperate with him as a whole. As a result, he gets to the end, so he is often a little indignant. Of course, the Eighth Elder Martial Brother also knows this kind of injustice,tannic acid astringent, and the sarcastic response behind it is that you are a soloist. This is the professional irony of the troupe orchestra: If there is a problem with the chorus ensemble, it is said that you are a soloist. In this way, the Eighth Elder Martial Brother stirred up trouble for no reason. At that time, Liu San hesitated a little in the eyes of the crowd and went to the chief violin. He held the violin in his left hand and the bow in his right, as all fiddlers do, but Liu San was now holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, like an early European gladiator. Some people are puzzled, some people feel funny, but some people see the danger. Finally, this group of people shouted, "Don't fight," and quickly pushed the Eighth Elder Martial Brother aside. But the swords of the early gladiators had come swiftly. Since the real target had dodged, the tip of the sword pierced the forehead of the replacement target, the commander. Blood trickled down from the conductor's forehead and hung a red curtain in front of his eyes, as the conductor later described. Worse still, lycopene for skin ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, the drama, which had always been unfaithful, opened precisely at this time, just after the third bell had stopped. The Eighth Elder Martial Brother did not blindly avoid it. The brothers who grew up at the docks along the Yangtze River are addicted to doing this. Liu San knew nothing about Elder Martial Brother Eight's infant skill of "harp, bow and swordsmanship". Brother Eight grinned, hung his violin and bow on the music stand in an orderly way, grabbed the double bass bow beside him, which was the strongest and heaviest of all the violin bows, and stabbed Liu San. The other party opened his mouth wide for some reason, and the tip of the bow pierced the heaven. Liu San bit the bow and leaned back, turning acrobatically under the stage. In fact, brother eight doesn't use the violin bow because it is too sharp. He didn't want Liu San to bleed, and he didn't want to accidentally blind his eyes. The bow of the double bass is basically unpointed. He only uses it as a stick. Later, the deputy colonel, who had been sitting at the back of the hall, ready to listen to the audience's reaction as usual, said that he suddenly found that the play had changed into "The Revenge of the Prince of Denmark" (Shakespeare's "Hamlet", the end and climax of this famous tragedy is the duel between the prince and the man with a sword). It was supposed to be "The Marriage of Figaro". It's not strange to change the repertoire, the deputy leader said, but it's strange how the band is performing. Unexpectedly, the audience's interest was very high. The formal repertoire, which no one cares about, is very popular. Many years later, the deputy head of the delegation also said that people should not be blamed for abandoning the stage play, as long as the performance is wonderful enough, the audience will rain down from the sky. After Liu San turned down the stage, the Eighth Elder Martial Brother calmly took his violin, stood at the proscenium, and played the famous concerto "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai". The orchestra froze for a moment, and then, under the direction of a conductor with blood on his face, began to play by memory. This is a boundary marker. Eight brothers, of course, there are a large number of actors who have become famous actors, after this day, they bid farewell to the stage play forever. After finally confirming the indifference of the people and biting himself, he said goodbye to the stage play and art forever. The next day, the Eighth Elder Martial Brother wandered around the Spring City. Spring City is small and exquisite, with bright colors, just like minority girls. Elder Martial Brother Eight wants to take some pictures. It's an old 120 camera, and you have to adjust the shutter a little bit, so it's always for nothing-you just adjust it, and the sun is overcast, or it comes out again. The Eighth Elder Martial Brother couldn't help cursing: "Son of a bitch in Yunnan, the weather is faster than the shutter!"! Someone next to him immediately laughed. The sound was not loud, but it was very penetrating, just like the wooden fish occasionally used in the band, which made him turn his head to look. It turned out to be an old scavenger,lutein eye complex, carrying a huge back, wearing a huge straw hat, bending his waist badly and limping his legs badly.