Zuo Ming _ _ the beginning of existence

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Because, now, I am the fifth Hokage of Konoha. The sunlight falls freely on the surface of the water, and the sun shines brightly.

Because, now, I am the fifth Hokage of Konoha. The sunlight falls freely on the surface of the water, and the sun shines brightly. The breeze was blowing the leaves and swaying the water. The blond boy sat on the rock beside the stream, throwing the stones in his hands irregularly into the water, his eyes scattered and blurred. Naruto. A familiar voice came from behind. "There you are." Turning around, his blue eyes sparkled again. "Sakai, what are you doing here?" "Sakura said you'd be here." Sakai gave a good-looking smile. "Ugly girl," he would never dare to call Sakura this name again. As soon as he finished speaking, Sakai couldn't help coughing. Naruto's eyebrows were quickly tangled, and he pulled Sakai to sit down. "Hey, didn't I say you had a cold?"? Why are you coming out? Without answering Naruto,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, Sakai still smiled harmlessly: "Did you see Sasuke today?" This This guy Still like that, which pot does not mention which pot! And when you say this, you look awkward with a smile. Naruto nodded helplessly: "Yes." "Cough." As if finally realizing that the smile on his face was a bit superfluous, Sakai restrained his overflowing smile: "So,Service Sink Faucets, Sasuke didn't come back with you?" Na Na, I want to be the man of the Hokage. So before that, I will bring my companions back first. Naruto looked across the stream, squinting, as if to answer Sakai, as if to warn himself. Didn't you say you were a good companion? Why won't he come back with you? Sakai looked doubtfully at the standing Naruto. Sakai had met Sasuke before this time. That time Orochimaru was not dead, he left the group and followed Orochimaru to his base, and also saw the Sasuke in Naruto Sakura's mouth. A very powerful person, and exudes a suffocating atmosphere. That's when it happened. Sakai glanced at Naruto. At that time, Self-closing Faucet ,Concealed Flush Valve, it was this guy who made himself realize the value of existence. So he acted without authorization to help Naruto bring Sasuke back. It's just obviously no match for that man. Ha ha, too overrated. However, when Sasuke knew that Naruto and Sakura were also nearby, why did he suddenly stop and leave? "He's an asshole!" Slowly spitting out these words counted as an answer, and the blond boy stopped talking. I'll go back first. Seeing that Naruto was no longer mentioned, Sakai stood up. I'll take you. Naruto stretches. Idiot, thanks. Sakai raised a smile. Russia. Professor Sakura's nickname method is working again. What Naruto has black lines on his head. Had it not been for the fact that the boy was not feeling well, he would have had to rush up and beat him up. However, after a pause, Naruto urged in a voice that was not reluctant: "Let's go!" Sakai's smile grew stronger. This is the so-called companion. It's a good feeling. Chapter 3: Tsunade frowned as he looked at the secret letter from the mute. What is this? "What's the matter, Lord Tsunade?" The mute found that Tsunade's face was not very good. What exactly was written on the secret letter? "It's okay." Tsunade put the secret letter away and rubbed his temples. It was better to deal with another thing first. I will never agree to Yin Ren's request, but I have to find out what they want to do. Boom! The door was kicked open heavily, and dazzling blonde hair appeared behind the door: "Grandma Tsunade, what are you looking for us for?" Tsunade glared at Naruto, thinking that perhaps it was right to agree to Otonobu's terms. Is there a mission, Lord Hokage? Yamato looked at Tsunade. Tsunade threw a large book to Yamato and motioned him to open it. This is.. "Yamato looked at the contents of the scroll." This is the record of contacts with the village. " Tsunade nodded. Wait, why hasn't there been any news of Sha Ren recently? The man we sent to visit. Why was he refused to come back? Yamato frowned, knowing that something must have happened. Naruto's expression quickly became entangled. Sha Ren, that must have something to do with my love for Luo. That's right Tsunade looked at the team in front of him. "Recently, Shinobu has almost cut off contact with us.". That's why I want you to sneak into Sarin and find out why. ” "Shouldn't this kind of thing be handed over to the dark department?"? Would it be too easy to arouse suspicion if we went? Yamato asked in puzzlement. Tsunade looked at the confused four and patiently began to explain: "If there is something really going on over there, then sending anyone will arouse suspicion, and letting you people with clear identities will probably make them think that we are not on guard.". Now there is a person of Sha Ren who wants us to send her back. You four must know the situation of Sha Ren on the grounds of carrying out this C-level task. "Who is Sha Ren's man?" Naruto looked at Tsunade. It's me A familiar voice came from behind Naruto. Hand bow! Turning around, Sakura looked at the man and shouted first. Naruto looked at the hand bow that came in and raised his eyebrows. This kind of woman doesn't look like she needs someone else to protect her. Shouju has been on a mission outside for a while, and he doesn't know what happened to Sharen. She happened to be injured again, so the four of you went to Sharen with her. Tsunade asked the mute to take back the volume in Yamato's hand. I know, Lord Hokage. We're going to get ready. Yamato turned and announced to Tsunade. Uh Tsunade crossed his hands and supported his chin. "Remember, this is an A-level task. Be careful." A-level task? Naruto suddenly turned around and looked at Tsunade expectantly. "So, Grandma Tsunade,stainless steel toilet, there are two tasks this time, and we will be paid twice!!!" ......... .................................. ............................................... The people who thought Naruto was going to ask some key questions were speechless in an instant, and their expectations for Naruto were really high. cnkexin.com