Seducing all the sick girls in the world (Xitulanya)

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But seeing the graceful figure of the beauty standing high on the bed, the light-colored upper skirt perfectly wrapped in the winding ups and downs of the chest, the jade-colored fairy skirt should have floated like a fairy

But seeing the graceful figure of the beauty standing high on the bed, the light-colored upper skirt perfectly wrapped in the winding ups and downs of the chest, the jade-colored fairy skirt should have floated like a fairy, but at this time it was lifted up and tucked in the sweat towel, revealing the silver-red flower-sprinkled trousers inside, which made it look more and more straight and slender, looking down along the perfect leg curve. I also saw a pair of petite scarlet embroidered shoes wrapped in two pointed spring bamboo shoots, which were so thin that they could not be grasped. At the moment, they were anxiously tapping on the chair, as if they were silently calling for the redemption of men. The half of the beauty's exposed face was also perfect. Her complexion was white and greasy, her chin was pointed, and her small red mouth was like a cherry, full and attractive. But when she looked up again, the beauty's head was stuck in the hole in the roof, and her delicate voice came out faintly from the gap: "Excuse me, can you get me down first?" The man in black was stunned. Who would have thought that such a delicate beauty who fell down in the wind would dig a big hole in the roof to try to escape? He immediately knelt on his knees, bowed his head and said, "Your Excellency, forgive me. It's because my subordinates didn't do their work well and didn't take good care of Miss Ruan." The red-robed man glanced at him and said lightly, "Get her down and go back to get ten boards." "Yes!" The man in black seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and answered loudly. He stood up, walked quickly to the bed, then jumped up, quickly bounced a few times on the edge of the hole, large pieces of dust fell, at the same time, Ruan Ning exclaimed, the top of his head suddenly loosened, the whole person has been out of bondage, but his eyes were fascinated by the dust and could not open, followed by a step on the air, shaking and falling from the chair. The man in black was beside her, but he did not know what he was worrying about. Instead of catching Ruan Ning in time, he dodged a little. He hesitated and reached out to grab the quilt on the bed and threw it on the ground. It seemed that he wanted to catch Ruan Ning with the quilt. However, he threw it out of position and could not catch it. He was about to have a close contact with the hard ground. Ruan Ning closed his eyes in fear. At that moment, a strong arm suddenly embraced her, Ruan Ning panicked and grabbed each other's clothes desperately to drill into her arms, the arm was taken by her, involuntarily encircled her waist, no more, no less, plastic pallet price ,plastic pallet suppliers, just surrounded a circle, the warm fragrance of nephrite suddenly hugged a full, the girl's sweet breath mixed with the earthy ash breath to drill into the nostrils. Both of them were stunned. No one expected such a result. Ruan Ning was about to get up, but he felt that the muscles of the man's whole body suddenly stiffened. He pushed her away like a conditioned reflex. The force was so great that Ruan Ning staggered back a few steps and sat on the quilt with a soft foot, but his eyes were on the man's face. His eyebrows are like ink, his sideburns are like knives, his lines are resolute, and his facial features are three-dimensional. Isn't this the man in ochre robes with a Greek sculpture face outside the Yuelai Inn? Now the chill on his face was deeper than that day, his thin lips were tight, and his long and narrow eyes with a dangerous smell were full of undisguised disgust. He did not speak, but Ruan Ning immediately felt a cold pressure from head to foot, so she quickly moved back, lowered her head and dared not look again. It was a long time before I heard the cold voice of the man in ochre robe: "Give her a broom and let her clean the house.". ” The author has something to say: Has anyone guessed the reason why the system doesn't appear? Ha ha Chapter 8 White Moonlight Becomes Mother-in-law. Ruan Ning felt that the article she was wearing was a brain-damaged article without logic and common sense. Which peerless beauty would receive such treatment from her? First, he was rejected by the man in black, and now he is forced to clean up by the man in ochre robe. Do these people really not know how to take pity on her? Come on, she's beautiful! The bed and the floor were covered with dust, and Ruan Ning swept them at random. The more he thought about it, the more stuffy he became. He was knocked unconscious and brought over. Why should he clean up? Others wear books to conquer handsome men and conquer the world. Why does she wear books to conquer brooms? It was true that she had made the house dirty, but she was also forced to do so, or the two unloving men would have locked her up, and she would have dug a hole to escape and made the ground dirty? Angrily, she threw the broom on the ground, knocked on the door and shouted, "Hey, are there any living people?"? Get me out of here! I want to go home! The door was opened, and the ochre-robed man stood a few steps away with his hands on his back and said with an expressionless face, "Clean it up." "Don't sweep!" Ruan Ning was also angry. The ochre-robed man remained motionless and said, "Then I won't go back." Ruan Ning looked at him steadily for a moment. Suddenly, the corners of his mouth drooped. He covered his face and began to cry. As he cried, he said, "Are you reasonable?"? You knocked me out and tied me up. Don't you let people escape? You see, I split one of my fingernails in order to dig the soil. It's not easy for me to keep a long fingernail. It's all your fault. If I don't sweep, I won't sweep.. With a slight twitch at the corners of his mouth, the ochre-robed man turned and walked out quickly. Not long after, the man in black came over and said coldly, "My adult said that if you don't clean up, you will sleep in that dirty bed tonight." Ruan Ning angrily grabbed the broom and threw it at him. Are you two men or not? Can you still give the peerless beauty a little due treatment! When Ruan Ning lay on the clean bed that night, his eyes were curved into a crescent moon. The broom was still left untouched outside the door, and the small arhat bed was still covered with dust and wood, but she found new bedding from the box, and the dirty ones had been rolled up and thrown aside. She hated sweeping the floor, and those two men who were not men could not force her to sweep the floor! The main hall in the front yard was still brightly lit. The man in ochre robes sat at his desk and looked through the volumes at random. The man in black stood respectfully beside him and carefully replied, ".." Wang Mengfu wanted to use force on Miss Ruan,plastic pallet bins, but his subordinates had to take Miss Ruan away. At this moment, the Ruan family has reported to the official and is looking around outside for the whereabouts of Miss Ruan. "Has she finished cleaning?" The ochre-robed man didn't seem to care why she was here, but asked lightly. No The voice of the man in black dropped. He had never met a woman who dared to confront an adult face to face. He was a little perturbed. "She found a new quilt and threw away the old one." 。