A Cai-Phoenix Mistake: Substitute for the Abandoned Concubine

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The Snow Emperor seemed to be sure that the Snow Emperor would ask this question. Without a trace of hesitation, he said, "You have two choices.

The Snow Emperor seemed to be sure that the Snow Emperor would ask this question. Without a trace of hesitation, he said, "You have two choices. One is that you marry the third princess of the Han Empire and you ascend the throne and proclaim yourself emperor. The other is that you assist the youngest prince of the Han Empire and let him ascend the throne and proclaim himself emperor." Originally, when the Snow Emperor learned of the existence of Snow Tianao, he prepared the first plan, because the three princesses were his disciples, a child he loved. But when he saw Dongfang Ningxin getting along with Xuetian Ao, Xuehuang understood that there was little hope for Xuetian Ao to marry the three princesses, so he thought of the youngest prince. Why Xue Tianao frowned and asked what the snow emperor was going to do. Snow emperor put forward these two conditions, the result of the big fellow empire will fall into their hands, but one is justified, one is not justified. Xue Tianao doesn't understand why the Snow Emperor gave him the big fellow empire. It's an empire, not a cabbage. Because I promised a man that I would try my best to make the big fellow empire stand at the peak of the flood and famine. So, no matter how reluctant he is, he will keep the big fellow empire, but now he can not keep, because he found a replacement, finally do not have to bear the endless loneliness. What does this have to do with giving it to me? Snow day proud looked at the snow emperor, from the snow emperor's eyes change, he can vaguely guess that the snow emperor promised that the person should be a woman, or the snow emperor's sweetheart. The people of the snow clan heavy commitment, but never easy to make a promise, not to mention like the snow emperor, give a promise so difficult to do,plastic pallet manufacturer, the big fellow empire stands at the peak of the flood and famine, to do this, then the snow emperor's eternal life will be dedicated to the big fellow empire. Snow Emperor's cold face flashed a trace of silence and sadness. After a little hesitation, he said, "I give it to you because I'm dying. The big fellow empire needs a strong man to lead him forward.". The choice I give you is either to marry the imperial princess or to assist the new king. The former empire hands in front of you, and the latter you and the big fellow royal family by their own ability, the only condition is that even if you will the big fellow empire income in the flesh, also can not change the name of the empire. This is a disguised form to do, let the big fellow stand on the top of the flood,plastic bulk containers, just a name, the snow emperor quite a bit of self-deceiving thinking. Are you sure I'll say yes? When Xue Tianao heard Xue Huang's words, he was very suspicious. As far as he knew, the Snow Emperor was a God of the ninth rank, with at least one or two thousand years to live, and he had plenty of time to attack the gods in these one or two thousand years. Even if he didn't hit the gods, he had enough time to find someone who could take over the Great Han Empire. You will promise, to establish your power in the flood, swallow the empire is the best choice, and I offer you the power of an empire, when the time comes only ask you to leave a big fellow empire name, you will not care, I did not force you to marry the princess of the big fellow. The old God of the snow emperor is in the way. Asked before, that's what it means, to make sure that Xuetian Ao and Dongfang Ningxin will not be separated, he has made other plans, collapsible pallet box ,collapsible bulk containers, anyway, there are many heirs with the blood of the big fellow royal family, although he has a preference, but this does not affect his decision. "Lord Snow Emperor, may I ask you a question?" Dongfang Ningxin slowly stepped forward, looking at the snow emperor's black and bright eyes flashing a trace of confusion, not dodging looking at the emperor. Snow emperor to the proposal is very touching, said do not want to agree that is a lie, but before they agree to know more, such as why the snow emperor said he was going to die? "Ask." For Dongfang Ningxin, Xuehuang has never ignored it. Between Xuetian Ao and Dongfang Ningxin, it is often Dongfang Ningxin who really decides. It's not that Xuetian Ao can't make a decision, but that as long as Dongfang Ningxin agrees to something, Xuetian Ao will not refuse, even if it's going to heaven and earth, Xueti Ao will do it. "As for your life and death, as far as I know, you are a God of the ninth rank, even if you can't step into the level of the gods, but also have enough or even longer life than us, you are far from death, why rush to hand over the big fellow empire to us.". ” Instead of answering Dongfang Ningxin's question, Xuehuang looked at Dongfang Ningxin for a long time before saying, "Do you understand the pain of losing your lover?" Lose a lover? Dongfang Ningxin's eyes darkened, and he nodded forcefully when he thought of the scene in which Snow Day had passed by death several times. Do you understand the loneliness of living alone without a loved one? Snow emperor again, this time in the cold voice also has can not hide the sadness. Dongfang Ningxin nodded forcefully again. She thought that during that time she thought there was an accident in the snow, and that she was like a walking corpse living only for the sake of living. At that time, she thought that the whole world had abandoned herself, and she could not find the hope and motivation to live. One person is the whole world. What if you lose that person and own the world. Dongfang Ningxin understood the thoughts of the Snow Emperor. So I want to end this loneliness. Snow Emperor's voice with a bit of vicissitudes of life and remote, there is a trace of yearning. Some people pursue immortality, such as the dream emperor. Some people just want to end their lives, like Snow Emperor. God's life is too long, he has lived enough alone. So, I want to end this loneliness! Such a sentence made Dongfang Ningxin shake. Meng Huang takes the world as her own responsibility, loves the world, and finally has nothing but herself. In her long life, she can only live in regret. Snow Emperor is self-centered, there is only one person in his heart, for that person can live and die, although lonely, but this life is a sustenance. Compared with that, Dongfang Ningxin appreciated Xuehuang's attitude towards life more, so without any hesitation, Dongfang Ningxin held Xuetian's proud hand tightly, wrapped his fingers around each other, and said firmly to Xuehuang: "Snow Emperor, we promise you, we will assist the new emperor of the big fellow to ascend the throne, as long as we live in the future, the big fellow empire will always exist in the flood and famine.." Words to the reader: You guessed right, but did you guess the reason? Snow people are either not emotional, or emotional is life after life. Text 702 with strength to let you know that I am your new master! Reached an agreement with the snow emperor, the next road is extremely easy to walk,plastic pallet suppliers, although the Great Qin Empire is still in hot pursuit, but there is the snow emperor in the side, the Great Qin Dragon Knight did not dare to cross the line. binpallet.com