Golden Gate Saint

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"I think differently from you." He kept stroking his red cheeks, and his hands looked so weak that they were probably gone.

"I think differently from you." He kept stroking his red cheeks, and his hands looked so weak that they were probably gone. Now the innate Qi can not be condensed, and the true strength has disappeared: "If I like or love someone, I only hope to be blessed with her." Heng, I don't want to be in the same boat, so I don't want her to go with me. I know it's dangerous to go out. "Humph!"! Are you friendly enough? I'll look for her later. I want her to die without a burial place. "She'll be looking for you, too." "She knows me?" "May know." "Maybe?" Someone had warned her that a group of mysterious men and women were waiting patiently by the side. Volt. Then this morning she ran into two old Taoists, who spread the secret of the real victim of the idle cloud everywhere. As she had changed her face in disguise, Lianglaodao didn't know who she was. Oh! Of course you know those two old men, right? "I don't know any old ways." Kinmen Saint said frankly. Not long ago, Electric Sword Childe was dealing with the gorgeous woman outside the archway of the temple gate, and the two old men came out in time. Now, say that the woman is the door of Lingfei girl, in time to prevent the electric sword childe into the broken soul flying fog array. The gorgeous woman. People, in fact, is the spirit of the flying girl herself. The two old Taoists did not know Lingfei, nor did they know the saint of Kinmen, and they talked nonsense. Electric sword childe dare not chase into the temple to run wild. Lingfei girl did not say anything about dealing with the childe of the electric sword, and there was no need to tell the doorman about such a trivial matter. The saint of Kinmen said frankly that she didn't know any old ways. The sorceress thought she was so smart that she didn't doubt his words. Maybe you really don't know them. They have a low status and seldom care about foreign affairs. Wang Ruoyu immediately changed the subject: Miss Zhang will find this place. She is very alert and has great martial arts. I want her to come. Hum! Do you know your situation? "You should know.". I'm stupid,nail manufacturing machine, but I'm not too stupid in general. A woman like you is really sinister and terrible. I don't know anyone. You calculated me and framed me like that. In fact, I have no enmity with you. I don't care. I will let you go. You actually.. The saint of the Golden Gate stretched out her hand and clasped his throat. Don't preach to women like me. I have my own right and wrong. Hand a push, push him down on the bed: "You say." To die or to live? It seems that my life is in your hands. Woman, where did you make me? All out of strength. "" He fondled it Throat: "The breath in the chest does not go up and down..." "No one can untie my meridians. My hands control your life and death." The Golden Gate Saint was elated and her face was refreshed. With a touching smile: "To die, kill you for the hatred of humiliation.". To live.. "It's a good thing to live!"! Even the mole ants want to live! Woman, as long as the conditions are equal, of course I want to live. "Give me the treasure map in exchange for your life." "Woman, you don't think I hide pictures in my crotch, do you?" His fists and palms were together, and his limbs and bones were in pain. The woman's slim palm powder fist is very cute to play with, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Nail Making Machine price, but the blow is The taste on the body is really uncomfortable. The hands that have practiced martial arts are even more terrible. They are as hard and heavy as jade. The description of jade hands is actually not It's a good name. He seemed to be the meat on the chopping block, and let the pink fists and jade palms chop and hammer, which made him so dark that he could not stop humming and ha-ha. You heard me. The Golden Gate Saint finally grabbed him by the collar and dragged his upper body up and said with a smile, "You are less." You are not the kind of man I like to play a bachelor in front of me. "Yes, you." He was in a daze and said feebly, "The man you like …" Man, year.. Young Ying. Handsome, obedient.. Shun, like.. Like it's wrapped around your skirt.. My little dog. There was another beating, which made him foam at the mouth and his eyes turn white. I'm going to beat you until you are obedient. "Kinmen Saint's smile is like a flower, her smile is very lovely, and her words are very pleasant." Righteousness makes people shudder: "I want you to beg for mercy, I want you to cry, I want you.." "Want my hide." Bao. Picture.. "Oh!"! You really got the treasure map of the power King Kong, didn't you? The Golden Gate Saint stopped beating him. No Wrong "Where is it hidden?" "Langshan Yangtian Stronghold." Loyalty. Don. "This.." The saint of the Golden Gate bowed her head and pondered. If he said he was hiding somewhere in Luoyang, the witch would never believe it. It is reasonable to say that it is hidden in the mountain. Behind the Hall of Loyalty.. In the back there is.. There is a place.. Grottoes, electricity.. Electric Sword Childe knows. Knowing the place, But he didn't know I was hiding it. Will you take me to get it? I can also return to Kinmen Mountain by the way. The saint of the Golden Gate stroked his cheek with ecstasy in her eyes. The look of. A person who has been beaten half to death should not be false in what he says, so he can usually get the right words by using torture. For, under the three wood, why not? Sometimes there are places, even witnesses, who should not be false. People who have a nervous breakdown will tell the truth to save themselves. I I'm going to wait.. Wait for the wind to pass, then. Just went to pick up.. Out. He couldn't help telling the truth. No, you must take me out. The saint of Kinmen put her arm around him and sat beside him, whispering in his ear, exhaling like an orchid. All ready: "And, I want to keep you around, I want..." The footsteps were hurried, and an old Taoist woman hurried into the room. The old immortal wanted to take the man out and give him to the Black Dragon to take away. He hoped that the Lord had asked about the whereabouts of the treasure map. Old Taoist woman He hurriedly reported, "The Black Dragon has pointed to heaven and vowed to ask for the whereabouts of the treasure map. If you ask for the whereabouts of the treasure map, you will return it in its entirety, and you will never benefit from it." Break a promise. "We have found out the whereabouts of the treasure map. If we give it to them,Nail machine supplier, won't we end up in vain?" One in the heart of the Golden Gate Saint Urgent, the expression that refuses to hand over a person is apparent. Lord Guan, the old immortals don't want to lose both sides. There are too many of them. We can't afford the heavy price. Old Taoist woman.